Webb goes Military

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Not only is the Knutsford ace Webb finding himself behind the wheel of a car but also behind the barrel of a gun. Webb along with other MSA drivers took part in a Military style boot camp, helping showcase both the fitness and determination of the BRDC superstar.

   The camp demonstrated the stress involved with Webb arriving at 9pm to find the night had only just begun. With punishments on offer for unpacked items, a well prepared driver avoiding extra circuit training. Bed finally came at 6am, only after a strenuous 60km hike complete with a full rucksack.  Only 20 minutes sleep was the least of the MSA elite drivers’ worries, a wash in swampy water followed by a 5km run differed from the usual early morning wake up call.

   Next came the more military side of the camp, covered in paint, hiding in bushes, firing blanks, all in a days work for your average BRDC superstar.  The team was put through its paces to showcase all the skills they had learnt, having to locate and take out the ‘enemy’. Flash bangs and smoke grenades dominated the sky as blank rounds were fired on both sides, the onslaught finally ended on Sunday at 9am enabling Webb to get some much needed sleep.

     Oliver commented, “My training had in some ways prepared me for the fitness aspect of the camp, but nothing could prepare me for the hard work necessary. The camp has helped me realise the skills needed and the pressure our troops are under and how underappreciated they are.”