Webb Fly’s high

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This week Webb found himself taking part in a BRDC superstar organised visit to RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire.  Unlike the mainly physical military boot camp Webb recently visited, the RAF visit turned out to be more of a test of mental strength.

    The MSA Elite driver was introduced to ‘The Hanger’ an RAF training facility containing props such as fake mountains and rivers which were in place to test the superstars’ reactions. Problem solving was also on the agenda with Webb having to complete scenarios in the hanger using brains not just brawn.

     As well as the other activities organised for the BRDC superstar, simulator and computer tests took place. They were designed to test the reactions and mind strength of the drivers. Next on the agenda for the PONS Racing driver were some RAF organised physical tests. Webb took part in Muscle training and a bleep test which were designed to measure endurance. The day ended with a talk followed by a question and answer section enabling the Superstars to understand further the life of an RAF soldier. The knutsford ace commented “The RAF tests showed both the mental and physical strains the soldiers are subjected to. I would just like to thank the guys for looking after us and showing every aspect of  RAF training.” It seems the sky certainly isn’t the limit for the World Series by Renault driver.